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Summer is almost over (except for incredible heat in the West) and, UNFORTUNATELY, hurricane season is upon us. Houston and environs were hammered and now Florida and ??? are facing Irma and her followers Jose and Katia. These powerful storms, coming in close succession, may result in a devastating triple whammy. It’s likely that Seabees will be called upon to help with the relief efforts as occurred after Hurricane Katrina: CAN DO spirit lives on.

From a more personal perspective, most of our members appeared to have survived Harvey and we pray that the same will be true for these upcoming Atlantic hurricanes. Your Officers and Board members have contact information about many GREAT FIFTY-EIGHT members, but not all, because home and e-mail addresses change and we are not always updated. If ANY help is needed, please contact a Board member: we will always be there for our brothers and sisters.

Lastly, our 2018 Reunion dates are April 15 - April 19, 2018. If you want to make reservations call 702-385-7111. You must mention the reservations are for the reunion of “USNMCB58” or use the group code “GLUSNMC”. This will allow the receptionist to locate our group for the reservation process. Another message, including an update on our 2018 reunion activities will follow in October.


Dr. Charles March

2017-2018 Chairman, NMCB 58 Association