Greetings to “The Great Fifty-Eight” Family

March, 2020

We are two months away from our 17th reunion and so far we have over 100 people who have registered to attend. With over 800 Association members, we should be able to increase those numbers. I encourage those who have not yet signed up to take another look at what the reunion has in store.

In addition to our reunion, the Valley Forge and the Philadelphia area provide an in-depth look at our nation’s history of the late 18th century. Our planned visits to several historic sites will allow an up close view of some of what our nation experienced to create the great republic Americans have enjoyed for more than 200 years. Each generation of fighting men and women have endured hardships and sacrifice. As you view firsthand scenes of valor from the revolutionary era, you can be proud of your service to our nation. Freedom is not free, for you all paid the price for your generation.

Our Association is more than a once-a-year reunion. In addition to the fun filled reunion event we all enjoy, we will take a longer term look at the future of our Association and future reunions. As a Federal approved 501C19 non-profit organization, affairs of the Association must be managed year-round. To that end, Association business practices and processes should be enhanced.

We will also be discussing how we, as a military related association, can best assist our members, particularly those who may be having difficulties, especially with getting VA assistance.

Looking ahead to future reunion locations, the possibility of conducting a reunion on a cruise has been proposed. Jim Nunn has put together a questionnaire on this subject and it will be sent out prior to the reunion to gather your opinions on this subject.

Proposed administrative and structural changes will be e-mailed to all those members who will be attending the reunion as well as to all life members who are unable to attend. We will be voting on the proposed changes at the first business session on the afternoon of 13 May. These changes have been reviewed in depth by your Board members, who recommend their approval.

Finally, we are looking into the matter of the management of our website. Our previous manager has moved on, so we are looking for someone, preferably an Association member, who has the technical skills and ability to take on the management of the NMCB 58 Association website. If any of you know of such a qualified person, please let us know.

I look forward to seeing all of you at the Valley Forge Casino Resort in May.


John Gallen

NMCB 58 Association Chairman