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In this short time before Veterans’ Day, we should reflect upon the two NFLs: the NECESSARY FREEDOMFIGHTERS’ LEAGUE, populated by an ongoing list of heroes beginning with our Founders, who forged the greatest country on earth, and continuing to this day with those, including yourselves, who have helped maintain that legacy, who have enriched the lives of our fellow Americans and have made our country greater; then there is the national felons’ league, populated by steroid-enhanced bullies as well as spineless officials and team owners who dishonor and seek to destroy that legacy, a goal they can never be allowed to achieve. Remember, we are one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

And now for our fifteenth annual Reunion at the Golden Nugget in Sin City: from April 15th-19th of next year it will be VIVA Las Vegas! Because there are so many attractions, the staff of our hotel has teamed with a group who can make reservations for us to visit many individual venues, including the Mob Museum, C.S.I. THE EXPERIENCE, the Titanic Artifact Museum, the Pinball Hall of Fame, Madame Tussuad's, Hershey's Chocolate World as well as a visit to The Strip. There are shows galore including Cirque de Soleil. Want an all day trip: visit Hoover Dam and Lake Mead.

One guest speaker will explain the expanding role of women in the Seabees, both in and out of combat. More to follow in another message and in the reservation flyer which will arrive in early January. Please remember to sign up early and help to fill our program book with ads.

Remember November is a month when we have the opportunity to give thanks twice: once on Veterans’ Day and again on November 23rd; enjoy them both.


Dr. Charles March

2017-2018 Chairman, NMCB 58 Association