United States Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 58 Association

Peace Tree Vietnam

Guest Speaker at our 18th Reunion in Kalispell, Jerilyn Brusseau, Peace Tree Vietnam, shared with the group a heartfelt presentation of the work Peace Tree Vietnam has accomplished in Vietnam.

"Building Bridges of Healing and Trust Where It Once Seemed Impossible"

Removing unexploded ordinance is no easy task, 19 % of the landmass of Vietnam remains contaminated. Since 1995 Peace Tree Vietnam has dedicated its efforts to remove unexploded ordinance in the most war torn province. In Quang Tri Province alone more than 6.6 tons of munitions per person were expended during the war. Only 3 villages out of 1100 villages remained after the war. 73% of the land mass remains contaminated by unexploded bombs and landmines. More than 10,000 people have been killed or maimed by unexploded since the war ended, 30% are children.