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Naval Mobile Construction Battalion Fifty-Eight Association

Introduction and Acknowledgements

Welcome to the Association’s History Archives Version 2.1 compiled for presentation at our Tenth Annual Reunion at San Antonio, Texas, April 2013.

We have assembled many publications and documents which taken together provide perspective on the commissioned service of NMCB 58 during the Vietnam War and its predecessor, the 58th NCB during World War II.

This Version 2.1 of our Archives is significantly more comprehensive than our first version benefiting greatly from more of our shipmates’ personal collections solicited at past Reunions and an opportunity to excavate many documents from the official NAVFAC archives at the new Port Hueneme Seabee Museum.

We owe a huge debt of gratitude and acknowledgement for the significant contributions of many individuals and organizations of our Navy’s extended Seabee family for the information contained in these Archives. Our principal sources are the official NAVFAC Archives at Port Hueneme, California; the CEC/Seabee Museum Foundation headquartered at Gulfport, Mississippi; and, the Seabee Museum and Memorial Park at Davisville, Rhode Island. Much of the general Seabee history documents come indirectly from the Department of the Navy’s Naval Historical Center in Washington, DC. And, of course, a great deal of information comes from the 58th Naval Construction Battalion association records and publications.

In the Table of Contents you will find links to all our Cruise Books, Deployment Completion Reports and annual Command Histories. We believe we have all the Skippers’ Familygrams and all (but maybe one) of our Blaze Newsletters. There are sample Operation Orders and Operation Reports from our four Seabee Teams and some items relating to our homeport periods at Davisville, Rhode Island. Fair warning to the reader: all these documents were scanned from available paper copies of the originals. Quality varies so you may need to work with your computer’s viewing options to get the most readable results.

We hope you enjoy perusing the Archives and perhaps will find them useful in telling your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and anybody else who cares, exactly what grandpa did during his war.

Dean Schofield
Battalion Historian
April 2013

NMCB 58 History Archives TABLE OF CONTENTS

58th NCB and NMCB 58 Joint History Digest
Seabee History Overview

World War II Service: 58th Naval Construction Battalion

Formation of the Seabees and World War II Operations

WW II Seabee Unit Listing and Where They Served

58th NCB Overseas Itinerary

History of the 58th NCB

58th NCB Cruise Book: WW II Pacific Deployments

58th NCB Awards List

58th NCB Commendations

58th NCB First Reunion

Vietnam War Service: Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 58

Seabee History: Southeast Asia

Seabees in Vietnam: Units, Locations and Statistics

Seabees in Vietnam: Deployment Schedule and Camps

Seabees in Vietnam: Deployment Status - November 1967

Seabees in Vietnam: Deployment Status - April 1969

NMCB 58 Ceremonies: Commissioning, Change of Command, Memorial Services, Decommissioning

Commissioning Program

Change of Command Program

Gregory Helmsley Memorial Service

Decommissioning Program

NMCB 58 and NMCB 6 Decommissioning Ceremony

Rear Admiral Bartlett’s Decommissioning speech

Davisville “Yardarm” 19 November 1969

NMCB 58 Vietnam Deployments and Locations

NMCB 58 Cruise Books

NMCB 58 Awards

NMCB 58 Deployment Completion Reports

NMCB 58 Command Histories

NMCB 58 Familygram Letters

Familygram Welcoming Letter


NMCB 58 Blaze Newsletters


NMCB 58 Seabee Teams

Typical COMCBPAC Operations Order for Seabee Team deployments

Typical Seabee Team monthly operations reports


Naval Construction Battalion Center, Davisville Rhode Island

CBC Davisville Guide 1966
Camp Fogarty Military Training Syllabus
Davisville area officer roster 1968

The PRESS and NMCB58

Yardarm 30 July 1968.
Yardarm 13 August 1968.
Yardarm 8 October 1969.
The Standard Times 9 October 1969.
All Hands September 1968.
Pacific Stars & Stripes 1 August 1968.
Stars & Stripes 6 August 1968.
The Navy Civil Engineer July 1968.
The Navy Civil Engineer August 1968.
The Observer 11 September 1968.
Seabee Coverall 30 August 1968.
Seabee News 8 October 1969.
Providence Journal 10-13 October 1969.

NMCB 58 Special Publications

Welcome Aboard pamphlet 1966.
Welcome Aboard pamphlet 1968.
Deployment Information for Dependents.
Sample Seabee Homecoming Warning Letter.
Thanksgiving Menu 1967.
Chaplain Luebke’s “Second Honeymoon” advice column. Seabee Ball Program 1969.

Other Good Stuff

Snuffy Womack’s autobiography “Small Bore”.
Tea House of the Red Beach (Progressive Architecture magazine)

Reference Maps (C.S. Hammond & Company)

Vietnam Conflict Map.
Vietnam and Neighboring Countries.
Chronology of Vietnam Conflict Since 1945.
Economic Map of Southeast Asia.